The Story Kitchen (TSK) is driven by the passionate belief that upholding the stories of women can unravel systems of gender oppression and patriarchy that continue to exist in Nepal. The domination of stories from men’s  perspectives leaves women out of the history of Nepal and fails to recognize the extent to which women are currently contributing and have always contributed to the development of the country. TSK enhances women’s participation and representation in media using a from-the-ground-up approach: meeting women locally and sharing  their stories nationally. We invite women of different castes, ages, communities, cultures and languages to experience the powerful transformation of storytelling and narrative journalism.

Our Vision

TSK envisions a society where every woman’s voice is heard, her existence is accepted, her work is counted and her contribution is valued.

Our Mission

TSK‘s mission is to add women’s voices and perspectives to the dominant narrative of Nepali society to provide a holistic and balanced picture of Nepal. It aims to explore ideas, exchange experiences, and assess the role of women as doers, makers, and creators through innovative use of both traditional and new media tools. In short, it is a space to amplify Herstory.

Our Objective

Our objective is to make Nepali women’s ideas, work, and experiences visible. We do this through the power of narratives and storytelling.