The Story Kitchen was born from listening to the stories of our grandmothers, mothers, mothers-in-law, sisters and daughters and realizing that the stories women hold about their lives in our country are rarely documented, heard, or taught. In 2011 a group of like-minded colleagues began discussing the idea of using storytelling to work toward the goal of women’s empowerment. They decided to start an organization that would provide a platform for diverse women to share their stories, to listen to one another, to share their stories, and to transform their lives through storytelling. Together, they established The Story Kitchen in September 2012. 

“We’re archiving stories of Nepali society so that our grandchildren don’t forget how our grandmothers and our mothers have contributed to our country. We’re creating a space to make Nepali women visible by sharing their stories.” -Jaya Luintel, President & CEO

At The Story Kitchen, we promote women’s empowerment by amplifying women’s voices. The media we produce goes beyond short news clips reporting what happened—a conventional method of reporting women’s stories—to include detailed stories incorporating the woman storyteller’s perspective and analysis. The emotional connection these stories create effectively conveys the crucial importance of the liberation of women. The Story Kitchen recognizes that there are thousands of women across Nepal working for change. TSK contributes to this overall feminist movement of Nepal.

Why Kitchen?

At TSK we have chosen to include the word kitchen in our name for three reasons:
1. The kitchen is a place of processing. We want our organization to be a story processor where women can set their own agendas. We are then here to make their voices heard.
2. Though the work women do in the home is vitally important, it is too often not recognized or valued. At TSK we aim to make all women’s work visible.
3. The kitchen is often a safe space where people build community and share stories. At The Story Kitchen, we seek to recreate this safe space of sharing and movement building.