Ms. Jaya Luintel, President & Chief Executive Officer Ms. Jaya is a prominent, nationally acclaimed journalist and women’s rights activist. She began her journalism career at Radio Sagarmatha, the first community radio station in South Asia. Throughout her 17 year broadcast journalism career, she has designed and executed radio projects focusing on women’s empowerment, gender justice, health & nutrition, HIV /AIDS and violence against women. The radio program she designed and directed at Equal Access Nepal, received the prestigious One World Media Special Award in the UK in June 2010. Internationally trained at Radio Netherland Training Centre (RNTC) and Deutsche Welle Radio Training Centre on broadcast journalism, she herself has trained hundreds of people during her journalism career, most of them women.
Jaya is a Global Change Leaders Fellow and a Coady Women’s Leadership Research Fellow in 2016 at the Coady International Institute in Nova Scotia, Canada. She was chosen as one of BBC’s 100 Influential Women of 2014 and was an Asia Foundation Development Fellow the same year. She has been internationally recognized for her communications work in the areas of gender, women’s rights and the empowerment of marginalized people. 

Mr. Rajan Parajuli, Secretary, Executive Board 
Mr. Rajan started his journalism career at the age of 13 when he joined Metro FM, run by Kathmandu Metropolitan city. There he led the production of a radio program targeted at children. In 2002 he joined Antenna Foundation Nepal as a reporter where he is now serving as the Program Director. During his professional career as a journalist, he has trained more than 300 reporters throughout Nepal. Internationally trained at Radio Netherlands Training Centre (RNTC), Rajan likes to explore and experiment with new ideas in media. Rajan believes in listening to people’s stories. He is currently working as Country Representative for Population Media Center in Nepal.

Ms. Charimaya Tamang, Executive Board Member
Ms. Charimaya was 16 when she was trafficked to India. In 1996, after spending 22 months in a brothel as a sex slave, she was rescued with support from Nepal’s human rights activists by the Indian government . Upon her return to Nepal, Ms. Tamang faced social stigma and was treated as an outcast by her own community. In 2000, Ms. Tamang and 15 other survivors established Shakti Samuha, an anti-trafficking NGO. Later, when she shared her story through national media, audiences connected with her emotions and she received support from many sectors.She was awarded the Hero Acting to End Modern-Day Slavery Award in 2011. Realizing the interventions her individual story initiated against trafficking when she shared it, she hopes to bring many more changes against social evils through TSK’s productions.

Ms. Mibusha Ghimire, Project Officer
Ms. Ghimire has an experience of working with the Government in the Nepal’s peace process and with the Non- Government organizations since past 7 years.  Mibusha also brings an experience on Mental Health and Care Practices with an earthquake affected population in Nuwakot District. She obtained her undergraduate degree in Social work and graduate degree in Conflict, Peace and Development Studies from Tribhuwan University.

Ms. Sujata Dhungana, Program Associate
Ms. Sujata is the co-founder of Radio Udaypur, a community radio station run and managed by women in the Udaypur district of Nepal. Ms. Dhungana brings 6 years of experience producing radio programs addressing gender issues, particularly violence against women, as well as extensive technical expertise. She is skilled at conducting interviews on sensitive issues, radio program production and script writing for radio. Sujata is currently perusing her Master’s’ degree in gender studies.

Ms. Rosha Shrestha, Monitoring Evaluation and Communication Associate
Ms. Rosha has more than three years of experience working in the areas of agriculture, livelihood, and women’s empowerment. She holds a Master’s degree in development studies from the Kathmandu University School of Arts. 

Mr. Purnanada Sharma, Administrative and Finance Coordinator
Mr. Purnananda has more than 21 years of experience in the field of Admin and finance management. He has worked in remote parts of Nepal  with a variety of NGOs. He holds a undergraduate degree in Commerce from the Tribhuwan University

Ms. Mohamaya Magar, Support Staff
Ms. Mohamaya has been working at TSK since its establishment. She provides support to Admin and Finance and program team.

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