The Story Kitchen (TSK) is an expansion of experiences in listening to and sharing our own stories. These stories have transformed us and hundreds of our friends and colleagues. We wish to create a platform where we can invite other women of different ages, communities, cultures and languages to listen, to share and to transform their lives through storytelling. The idea of TSK was conceived while Jaya Luintel was at Stanford University in California as John S. Knight Fellowship Affiliate in 2010-11. It took concrete shape after many rounds of brainstorming, deliberations and rigorous discussions with team members.

TSK answers a need. A majority of current media content is either filled with so called “mainstream” issues or is content driven by interview clips generated and determined by reporters. We rarely hear the full story. There are also many more stories of women and men which have yet to be heard. In the case of Nepali women, the writer and activist, Arundhati Roy, has rightly said that: “there is no such thing as ‘voiceless’. They are deliberately silenced and /or preferably unheard.”

We believe that sharing and listening to stories of others will help answer the need. Through TSK (space where women’s stories are processed), we hope to amplify women’s voices by marrying old and new media tools and sharing stories effectively. We will achieve this by enhancing capacity of local community members particularly women to participate in content generation through an innovative bottom-up approach.