The Story Kitchen is committed to facilitating collaborative relationships between women media makers in Nepal. TSK works with women radio producers, journalists, broadcasters, and women-run radio station with the belief that by creating a supportive network for women in media we can build our collective power and achieve our vision for gender equality and social justice.

First National Conference of Women Radio Producers and Broadcasters

To mark International Radio Day, TSK organized the first  ever National Conference of Women Radio Producers and Broadcasters in Kathmandu. 103 women radio producers and broadcasters from across the country came together for two days to share personal experiences, identify areas of struggle, and explore ways that radio can be used to promote gender equality in Nepal. As a result of the conference, participants formed the Society of Women in Radio (SWOR). SWOR currently operates as a loose network through which women broadcasters share information and work collaboratively to promote gender equality. TSK organized this event with support  from  Global  Fund  for Women, The Safer Migration Project (SaMi/Helvetas Nepal) and Save the Children.

Strengthening women led and managed radio stations

There are currently over 400 radio stations in Nepal but most lack information on the issues and activities relevant to Nepalese women. Women are rarely portrayed as experts, professionals, contributors or breadwinners, and are often portrayed as objects, commodities, victims, and consumers. According to the report of Global Media Monitoring Project 2015, Nepali women make up only 13% of the persons heard, read about or seen in newspaper, television and radio news.

We are committed to using our organizational and technical skills to expand the capacity of women-run radio stations through both policy and content development. By supporting women who are already working to share women’s stories on the ground, The Story Kitchen can work to connect audience with content to amplify herstory.