TSK firmly believes that mainstreaming women’s voices into national debates and policy making can play crucial role in making gender equality a reality. Prior to the completion of the 2015 Constitution of Nepal, TSK produced 40 videos featuring experts, women’s rights activists, political leaders and young women analyzing the draft constitution from a women’s rights perspective in order to create a platform for dialogue and discussion.

After more than seven years of rigorous political processes and two elections for Constituent Assembly (CA), the Constituent Assembly of Nepal promulgated the first draft of Nepal’s Constitution. The draft constitution was a subject of controversy as it included several provisions and laws considered discriminatory, especially in case of women. Among them were provisions prohibiting a mother’s ability to confer citizenship to her children and provisions which would enact proportional representation of women in political parties without mechanisms to ensure their participation would be meaningful. 

During the time between the promulgation of the draft constitution and the amendment of the final constitution there was a need for discussion of these issues. TSK’s video series brought together experts, lawmakers, researchers, academicians, professionals as well as NGOs and civil society members to come together in a single forum and talk about the concerns of all and bring solutions through different open perspectives. This initiative was made possible with support from Urgent Action Fund.