8th December, 2016, London
fullsizerender-2The Story Kitchen has won the 2016 Tomorrow’s Peacebuilders Award for its work amplifying the voices of women survivors of gender-based violence during Nepal’s armed conflict (1996-2006). TSK was among 244 applicants from 61 countries, and was selected as the winner in the Women-Led Peacebuilding Category. The Story Kitchen has been awarded for its, “powerful approach of using storytellczldaxbweaaxjneing to empower women, to give voice to survivors, and to challenge patriarchy,” as well as it’s “Smart use of journalism as a peace building and change tool.” In an event organized in London Dr. Scylla Elworthy Co-founder of the Peace Direct has given the award to The Story Kitchen.
After receiving the award, speaking at the ceremony in London, Jaya Luintel, President and CEO of The Story Kitchen stated, “We believe  that in order for peace to be susczlfnyrwqaawbcitainable, the voice and experience of each individual, particularly of women, impacted by the war needs to be accounted. We have been creating safe and alternative spaces for women survivors of armed conflict to share their lived experience and gain confidence to claim justice.” The Story Kitchen will receive $10,000 U.S. dollars from the Peace Direct to build on its current work.

The Story Kitchen’s two current projects, Sharing and Amplifying Her Allegorical Stories  (SAHAS) for Justice and Voices for Justice (VfJ) use storytelling to encourage survivors of gender-based violence during the decade-long armed conflict between the Nepalese government and the CPN Maoists to feel safe enough to break their silence, come together to heal, and seek justice. These projects are made possible with the funding support from the United Nations Trust Fund to End Violence against Women and the Governance Facility. TSK is implementing SAHAS for Justice project in partnership with National Alliance of Women Human Rights Defenders in Nepal.